GFXBench Metal available on El Capitan

January 25, 2016

GFXBench Metal tests Apple's low-level graphics and compute API now on both OS X and iOS devices. 

GFXBench Metal is now available on El Capitan, allowing performance measurement of Metal on OS X and comparing results to Open GL performance on OS X and also to iOS devices. The Metal edition is the latest in the line of GFXBench API ports, which further enables multi-platform and multi-API performance analysis.


  • All high-level and low-level tests are rendered with Metal: from the high-level gaming-like Manhattan 3.1 and 3.0 scene (with dynamic lighting, deferred shading, shadows, compute shaders and post-effects) to low-level subtests exercising different parts of the graphics pipeline 
  • Tests: Manhattan 3.1, Manhattan, T-Rex, ALU 2, Driver Overhead 2, Texturing (and Offscreen 1080p variants for all of them) and Battery
  • Algorithmic parity and matching rendering workloads enable comparison between different platforms, APIs (Metal, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, DirectX) and form-factors  
  • Supports OS X 10.11 - El Capitan


    GFXBench Metal is available for download on the Mac App Store and for licensing within our Benchmark Development Program.


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