GFXBench 4 supports Android Extension Pack features

September 05, 2014

Showcased at SIGGRAPH 2014, our brand new Car Chase scene measures desktop and mobile OpenGL performance.

GFXBench 4 is the first graphics benchmark that is designed to close the gap between desktop and mobile graphics by measuring the performance of OpenGL 4 and OpenGL ES 3.1 plus Android Extension Pack implementations.  

The game-like scene called Car Chase is a GPU-intensive test to exploit all features of the latest 3D graphics APIs.

Car Chase Test Features

  • HDR deferred rendering pipeline 
  • Hardware tessellation with displacement maps
  • Heavy use of compute shaders - for post-effects (depth-of-field and motion blur)
  • Physically-based shading, cascaded dynamic shadows, SSAO
  • Image-based specular lighting
  • Ultra-high resolution assets for 4K displays
  • ASTC support



    GFXBench 4 is available for licensing through our Benchmark Development Program. 

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