About GFXBench

Comprehensive benchmark for performance, quality and power

GFXBench is the first comprehensive cross-platform OpenGL ES 3 and ES 3.1 benchmark designed for measuring graphics performance, render quality and power consumption in a single, easy-to-use application.

Measuring the latest mobile 3D graphics technologies

GFXBench is a high-end 3D graphics benchmark that adds advanced OpenGL ES 3 and ES 3.1 features to the popular GFXBench application. The Manhattan scene is a true GPU-intensive test for the latest high-end mobile devices, utilizing OpenGL ES 3 and ES 3.1 features such as multiple render target for deferred rendering, geometry instancing, transform feedback, compute shaders and many more.

Testing your device’s battery and long-term GPU performance

The Battery and Stability test measures the device’s battery life and performance stability by logging frames-per-second performance (FPS) and expected battery running time while running sustained game-like animations.

Testing the render quality of your device

The Render Quality test measures the visual fidelity provided by your device in a high-end gaming-like scene.

Redesigned UI: full-feature capabilities and clear user interface

The easy-to-use user interface enables test selections for more customized testing, device comparisons within the application by downloading the full GFXBench database and accessible results history management. It also provides a detailed system information on the device. GFXBench 3.1 measures temperature, CPU clock and frame time at each tests and provide graphs of the results. The consumer version available on the popular application stores contains all the test features included in the corporate edition.

Cross-API and cross-platform benchmarking

GFXBench enables reliable graphics performance comparison across the most popular devices, operating systems and 3D graphics APIs, merging 3D graphics tests into a single application that runs on OpenGL, OpenGL ES 2, ES 3, ES 3.1 and Direct X 11 (feature level 10/11) devices. GFXBench allows to compare GPU performance across the most popular platforms from mobile to desktop devices with Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT operating systems.


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